GraceDrive HeCares360 Launches Phase 1 of Taal Relief Operations

After 43 years, Taal Volcano once again erupted on January 12, 2020, threatening about half a million people in the 14 km danger zone, and displacing more than 70,000 people from Batangas and the nearby provinces of Cavite and Laguna. With such news, our GraceDrive HeCares360 Luzon Team went into action. An ocular inspection of the area was done, as well as consultation with government agencies, through which, we were able to identify the immediate needs and best help that our team can provide. From there, we were able to effectively plan a proper relief response.

Manila Baptist Church volunteered to have the repacking of the goods done at their place, with the help of some of their church members and our GD Team. Our Grace Packs included sanitary kits, medicines, mask, mats, blankets, water bucket, and food packs.

On January 22, 2020, our Luzon Team, together with other volunteers, finally set out for our Phase 1 of our relief operation in Southern Batangas. Due to the overcrowding in evacuation centers, Grace Packs were distributed to 145 individulas at Saving Grace Christian Church, in coordination with Pastor Aser Lagan. Also, through the help of Engr. Clint Gabilo, we distributed relief goods to more evacuees in different houses in the area. These homes opened their doors and provided shelter for the victims. We also handed Grace Packs to evacuees, who were on the roadside asking for aid. This allowed us to provide help to an additional 200 individuals.

We thank the Lord for all who have supported this ministry – in service, monetary donation, prayer, and in kind. Without you, our GD partners, Phase 1 of our relief operation would not have been done.

Yet there is still more to do. As our brothers and sisters lift themselves from the ashes of this calamity, we at GD HeCares360 would like to be true to our mandate and continue to be a source of support and encouragement to the victims – that they may know the grace of the Lord that is sufficient in every circumstance.

We encourage you to keep partnering with us, and together as Gracipients usher grace to those in dire and desperate need at these times. Thank you!

By GD_ Author Blog