By Rona Pamela Escala

The “Christian” in Christian Compassion

We open our computers and see a couple of distressing news—homeless families, terrorist attacks, women and children as human shields, innocent lives killed here and there, elevated poverty and epidemic diseases, typhoon victims, orphans longing for love, a widowed cancer patient striving to get through every day with her six children… The list goes on. …

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By Rona Pamela Escala


Who could notice you in this world of seven-plus billion? Who would care to love you for being a no-good minion? Yet a gentle voice speaks, “I completely do. I see you, and I love you. Yes, despite you” (Gen. 16:13; Rom. 5:8). “Gracipient”—not found in lexicon, but see a believer’s life as a definition. …

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By Ernest Mark Gapulan

MLEC Visits the “Last Frontier” of the Philippines

The Island Province of Palawan is often called “The Last Frontier” of the Philippines. Visitors will quickly be enamored by the pristine waters, lush forests, secluded beaches and hidden coves. What caught my attention however are the evidences of a developing countryside. This brings sophistication and complexity not only in society but also in Christian organizations and …

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